Highway Work Plan for Week of 10/15

Road work projects planned for week of October 15th from Broome County Department of Public Works-Highway Division

·         Brush & tree cutting will continue.

·        Due to the 8/14 and 9/18 flash flooding Broome County Highway will be focusing our efforts to continue fixing the major damage across the County roadway system.

·         The Division will be replacing cross road culverts on Sanataria Springs and Cloverdale Roads.

·         Ditching will be performed on Broome County Airport and Sanataria Springs Roads.

·         The division will begin to locate where pipe has failed or is blocked between ditch off 12A at Kattelville going towards Chenango Commons and Ice House.


·         Division will be striping County and Town roadways with paint truck.

·         Sign Fabrication will continue.

·         Guiderail repair will continue along Broome County roadways.

·         We will continue hand patching on roadways.

·         Repairs of catch basins throughout the County will continue.

·         The Division will continue driveway culvert repair/replacement on Bunn Hill and Powderhouse Roads.

10/12/2018 - 3:30pm