Unofficial Bid Results

Broome County has not checked the tabulation for errors or made determination that any bids meet the requirements. The County makes no claim that these are anything other than the prices extended and read aloud at the public bid opening.


2018 Unofficial Bid Results

Bid Opening Date
Bid Number


Child Fatality Review Team Coordinator


 Copier, Fine & Other Paper


 Adjuster Services


 Member Advocacy, Disease MGMT & Health ED


 Long Range Transportation Plan for Binghamton,NY


 Lease to Own Golf Course Equipment


Ostsiningo Park Sate


 Furnish, Deliver & Install Heavy Duty Tires for Landfill & Highway


 Service, Repair/Rebuild Steering & Driveline on Buses
 11/28/2018 2018-091 Repair & Overhaul B400R Transmissions on Buses

 Purchase & Deliver of Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators

11/07/20182018-087  Purchase of GPS Time Clocks
10/31/20182018-079 Bus Shelters for Broome County
10/10/20182018-076 Purchase of Laser Printer & Fax Toner Cartridges
09/12/20182018-070 Furnish and Install Window Shades for WPNH
09/05/20182018-069 Privacy Curtains for Residents at WPNH
09/05/20182018-068Phase II Site Construction
08/22/20182018-067 Substance Abuse Services
08/15/20182018-063Enjoie Retaining Wall
11/14/20182018-061 Unmanned Ariel Vehicle for Emergency and Sheriff
08/22/20182018-059Furnish & Install Electronic Marquee
08/15/20192018-058 MSA Portable Multi Gas Meter Repair
07/26/20182018-057Furnish & Install Chillers & Piping at WPNH
07/18/20182018-054Emergency Communications System Phase 2 Upgrade Project
06/27/20182018-049Public Safety Mobile & Portable Communications
06/27/20182018-048Maintenance/Janitorial Supplies
06/20/20182018-046Transportation, Processing & Recycling of Waste Tires
06/13/20182018-045Journeyman Carpenter Services
06/06/20182018-043Copier, Fine & Other Papers
05/30/20182018-044Transportation Services for Children with Disabilities
05/09/20182018-042Ground Ladder & Aerial Device Testing (Rebid)
05/02/20182018-037Airport Multi-Tasking Snow Removal Vehicle
05/02/20182018-031Purchase of 22 Gallon Plastic Recycling Containers
04/25/20182018-027Food Provisions for Parks Concession Stands
04/18/20182018-030Cleaning of the Leachate Holding Tanks
04/18/20182018-029Cleaning & Television Inspection Program
04/04/20182018-026Upper Lisle Road Bridge Maintenance and Painting
04/04/20182018-024Two (2) New Open-Top 40-Yard Roll-off Containers
04/04/20182018-023B.C. Ramp Facility Shared Parking Lot Reconstruction
03/28/20182018-022Fire Apparatus Annual Pump Test
03/28/20182018-021Ground Ladder and Aerial Device Testing
03/28/20182018-020Fire Hose & Appliance Testing
03/28/20182018-016Purchase and Delivery of Liquid Polymer
03/21/20182018-019En-Joie Golf Course Perimeter Irrigation
03/21/20182018-018En-Joie Golf Course Pond Lining - Holes 1 & 12
03/21/20182018-014Service/Maintenance for Facility Management System
03/07/20182018-015XRF Analyzers
03/07/20182018-012Lease of a Folding and Inserting Machine
03/07/20182018-011Purchase of Recycling Containers - 32 Gallon (Plastic)
03/07/20182018-010Dry Cleaning of Uniforms for Corrections
02/28/20182018-009OTC Drugs
02/28/20182018-008Medical & Nursing Supplies
02/28/20182018-007Lumber & Building Supplies
02/21/20182018-005Brush Chippers
01/31/20182018-004Purchase of Handheld/Cemetery U.S. Flags
01/31/20182018-003Vending Machine Services
01/24/20182018-001Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators & Grass Seed
01/10/20182017-101Law Enforcement Academy Clothing & Uniforms 



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